Skyrim Creation Kit and Workshop

I dont know about you guys but last November I dove headfirst into Skyrim and I’m only just now beginning to find my way back to the surface. This game is so insane! While I am relatively new to the Elder Scrolls series itself, as I only first picked it up in ‘06 when Oblivion was released - It’s one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. A few months back, while I was surfing the web browsing about upcoming DLC possibilities, I stumbled upon a Bethesda blog entitled “First Look: Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop”. Thinking it might be some epic DLC first look, I ran straight there and found something even cooler.

The Creation Kit, allows the user access to the same tools that Bethesda level designers used to create the world of Skyrim. Within it, a user can modify every aspect of Skyrim from complete level creation to down to the interactions of NPC’s [ PC Only ]. Remember those dragon bone weapons you’ve been imagining since you first found out there were none? Remember that one badass house you wish you had because it would actually display all the armor you and weapons you found properly? That kind of thing is only the tip of the iceberg. The sky’s the limit.

As If that’s not cool enough, Bethesda has teamed up with Valve to release Skyrim Workshop alongside the Creation Kit. It is a free program downloadable via Steam that allows anyone to upload or download any of the content that has been created with the Creaton Kit. The workshop has made uploading mods so easy for the community of modification artists, which us gamers just couldn’t be happier about. It has also made the process of finding and installing new mods to the game itself only a click away. I’d say this alone is reason enough to pick up a copy of Skyrim for the PC, if you have the chance. One things for sure, the possibilities are endless - and if you ever thought you might be getting bored with this game?…Think again, because you’re just getting started.

Thanks Bethesda, for being so awesome.